Congratulations, you’ve made it!

The theme of this website is communication and the magic of it has already been shown when you opened the link on your internet capable device and read these lines of text. Although it is impossible for me to know exactly who you are, I can tell with a 100% confidence who you are not: you are not my 65-year-old middle school history teacher who uses a 1990s Nokia phone; you are not my 74-year-old grandmother who doesn’t know how to type; and you are not my high school janitor who doesn’t know how to Google. I also know for certain that you read English, you use the internet, and you know how to scroll down on your phone or computer.

Electronic communication filters the audience in a magical way. Sure, this website is available for anyone to see, but just like how a cat can’t really swim or how a fish can’t really walk, you have been filtered without even knowing it yourself.

So once again, Congratulations, you’ve made it!


In the “Menu” dropdown you will find the many compartments of my work for the English 1101 course and hopefully witness my personal growth as a communicator through the words.